Nyko Wii Charging Station simultaneously recharges two Wii remotes

Nyko Wii Charging Station simu...
The Nyko Wii Charging Station
The Nyko Wii Charging Station
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The Nyko Wii Charging Station
The Nyko Wii Charging Station

March 3, 2007 - In this day and age, disposable batteries are environmentally irresponsible, yet remain a desirable retail item due to convenience and price point - and those of our readers with Wii's or Xbox 360's will know how many AA's regular use of these consoles can chew through. This makes us a little surprised that Nintendo left this one up to the third-parties, but equally glad Nyko have stepped up to the plate with their Wii Charging Station.

The asking price of US$30 might seem a little pricey when compared to four rechargable AA's, and a charger, particularly so for those who already have this sort of kit, but what makes it worth the price of admission is the fact you can easily drop two remotes into the dock after a session, without having to mess about opening battery compartments and such.

We're sure our more fashion-conscious readers will appreciate the docks Wii-inspired design, arguably looking much better sitting next to a Wii than a battery charger.

The Wii Charging Station is available now.

via Ubergizmo

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