September 11, 2007 A new roller coaster opened at Kemah Boardwalk in Houston, Texas offers riders a stomach-dropping 92-foot plunge in wooden carriages. The aptly named Boardwalk Bullet offers a hair-raising ride with a spectacular view of nearby Galveston Bay.

Beginning with the 92-foot drop, the ride boasts 42 crossovers whilst tackling winding twists and turns and reaching speeds in excess of 50 mph. The drop and view are the key attractions of the Bullet with other roller coasters offering more speed. The Xcelerator, for example, propels riders to speeds in excess of 80mph.

The Boardwalk bullet can accommodate 24 thrill-seeking passengers at a time with the ability to service 800 people per hour. Designed by The Gravity Group and constructed by Martin & Vleminckx Rides the Boardwalk Bullet is one of the most compacted and twisted coasters ever built and the only roller coaster in Texas with water frontage. "The Boardwalk Bullet is the only seaside coaster, wooden or steel, on the Texas Gulf Coast," said Tim Anderson, general manager at Kemah Boardwalk.

The boardwalk precinct is a 40-acre entertainment complex offering themed restaurants, the Boardwalk Inn, amusement rides, dancing fountains, a water garden, mid-way games and retail shops. Anderson believes local residents will welcome the new ride to the area. "The Boardwalk Bullet will give thrill-seeking Houston and Galveston residents an opportunity to experience an authentic wooden roller coaster close to home for the first time since Astroworld closed," he said.