Golf robot designed to give everyone the perfect swing

Golf robot designed to give everyone the perfect swing
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The computer captures the full information about each swing
The computer captures the full information about each swing
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March 5, 2005 Top Swing is an electronically controlled robot that can hold your golf club, feel your swing, and guide you how to get the perfect swing - unlike all previous golf teaching aids, the Top Swing can enable everyone to FEEL just what the perfect golf shot FEELS like, enabling even beginners to grasp the proper motion concept. With Top Swing, students can feel and execute a perfect swing while advanced golfers and professionals can work on their shot and clinically measure what's happening each and every swing.

Developed by German university professor Prof. Erik Gradener, and PGA professional Sascha Orlic from Berlin the Top Swing electronically controlled swing robot debuted at the PGA show in Orlando in January, 2005.

Gizmag gets dozens of press releases a day that use the word "revolutionise" quite liberally , but Top Swing's claim that it is "going to revolutionize golf instruction" could prove true. There's absolutely no doubt that the human body can memorise movements far better than it can mimic movements seen on a television screen, so it stands to reason that the Top Swing will enable a golfer to at least feel what the perfect shot feels like. After that, we guess there's no substitute for talent, but we suspect that the Top Swing will make ordinary golfers much better very quickly and that golf will become easier to learn.

The first tests with Top Swing at the Märkischer Golf Club Potsdam, outside of Berlin were sensational. Students learned the golf swing significantly better as opposed to other traditional methods. Research is currently underway to improve the efficiency of Top Swing.

Top Swing consists of six shafts that are controlled by a PC. All shafts conjoin together at a point, to which a golf club is fastened. The golf pro can, according to his individual wishes, define the swing path of the club without being subjected to a particular system. He can swing steep or shallow, fast or slow, cock the wrists early or late, come from the inside or outside, exactly as he wishes and accordingly, has made adjustments using the computer program

As if in addressing the ball, the student grips the club and is then led by the swing robot. The motion is initiated by the student who then feels how the club is moved through the perfect arc into a perfect finish position.

Taking into consideration the student's swing tendencies, as well as body height and range of motion, optimal swing curves can be saved for the student for future repeated use.

Compared to other teaching aids, beginners learn much faster and with more lasting effect using Top Swing.

Lower handicappers can feel and correct swing faults.

We believe this new methodology has enormous potential.

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1 comment
1 comment
Ken Delcogliano
My design is better then this one. I am moving forward with patenting my design. It should be available for sale in golf shops across the country. Please watch out for it as I have employed top level engineers in the design. Iron Clad Swing will be the most revolutionary robot ever invented. I have studied this design and see flaws that my robot does not possess. Thanks,
Ken Del Cogliano, Inventor