Another world record tumbled at Goodwood yesterday, and it was a cracker: the world's fastest mile balancing a car on two wheels. And if that sounds difficult, it wasn't on a straight bit of road. Driver Terry Grant had to take the car up the twisting Hill Climb race track. Just watch!

There are times when you just have to bow down to otherworldly talent; this is one of them. Steely-eyed British stunt driver Terry Grant went into the event already holding some 25 Guinness World Records, and came out with … the same number, as he already held the record for the fastest mile on two wheels.

Grant smashed his previous best by more than 30 seconds, with a scorching 2:24.5 run in which his Range Rover Sport SVR got up over the 60mph mark. The average speed over the mile was a hair under 25 miles per hour.

Now, I'll be honest, I reckon there's scores of Saudi guys out there angrily reaching for the phone to Guinness, who do this kind of thing faster, on the public road, without a ramp to help "get it up," and with half a dozen barefoot friends riding on the high side and changing the tires.

But those guys aren't working in the confined space of the Goodwood hill climb racetrack, which forced Grant to negotiate several tight corners and narrow gaps while balancing the car. It's an extraordinary thing to watch; check out the video below.

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