With its retro good looks and smooth lines, the SmarSofa from Gorenje wouldn’t look out of place on an Austin Powers movie set. On display at IFA 2010, the SmarSofa is not just a convertible lounge. It includes a fully integrated fridge which contains remote-controlled, rotating cooling platters. At the touch of a button the platters containing ready-to-eat dishes can be lifted and lowered to the desired height. How’s that for groovy?

Lidija Pritrznik, Creative Director and member of Gorenje’s design team took its SmarTable, designed by Janez Smerdelj, and incorporated it into a soft sofa set that can be customized as required. Choose from a sit-on-top sofa, a sit-in chair or arrange as a set of lounge furniture. The SmarSofa can be made from a matt or glossy shell of mediapan or polished Kerrock and can be combined with a range of leather or colored textile options.

Gorenje is also using IFA 2010 to present a new version of the SmarTable – the unique table that contains a remote-controlled refrigerator in its cylindrical foot. Their latest version currently showing at IFA 2010 is covered with a blanket of green grass, designed to blend in with an outdoor environment.

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