Historic Moller flying car prototype up for sale

Historic Moller flying car pro...
M200X VTOL prototype
M200X VTOL prototype
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M200X VTOL prototype
M200X VTOL prototype

October 2, 2008 Moller International is selling its Jetson-like M200X 2-passenger VTOL prototype on eBay. Although it's a long way from the latest designs to rise from the Moller drawing-board like the hybrid flying car, the M200X is a significant piece of aviation history, having completed over 200 manned and unmanned flight demonstrations since 1989.

The M200X showcased a new type of engine and artificial stability system controlled by a central electronic computer and sensor module. Hailed as the first personal volantor vehicle capable of being flown by someone with virtually no pilot training, the M200X is described as "very easy to fly, totally free of vibration", giving those who flew it "a true magic carpet ride sensation".

The vehicle, which is said to remain in perfect condition, undertook its most important flight on May 10, 1989 where it was filmed by local, national and international press.

The eBay auction is now underway (with the current lead bid at $15,100 at the time of publication) and will wind-up on October 7 at 08:23:11 PDT.

“The purchaser will be acquiring a piece of aviation history that is absolutely unique,” the Company’s President, Paul Moller said. “Its development is viewed as the genesis of the Neuera and Firefly models going into production now and planned for sale in mid 2009.”

Via Moller International.

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