There is no cleaner or easier way to get kids onto a dirtbike than throwing them onto an electric minibike, and Husqvarna has just launched its new EE5, an electric super-Peewee (with apologies to Yamaha) featuring a 5-kW (6.7-hp) motor and some nice looking componentry.

The EE5 is the mirror image of KTM's SX-E 5, announced at EICMA last year, and both bikes take aim at the competition end of the two-stroke minibike market. Even if a 5-kW drive doesn't quite match up to the peak output of a Cobra 50 two-banger or Husky's own TC50, the EE5 will have torque everywhere, and require next to no maintenance apart from washing and charging.

Importantly, they'll also be incredibly friendly, offering six different clutch-free riding modes to welcome wobbly first-timers and take them through to race pace, without ever having to learn the hard way about what a two-stroke powerband is all about. A 907-Wh battery should offer around two hours of dawdling around the paddocks, or 25 minutes of flat-out racing, with about an hour and 10 minutes to wait when charging off a regular wall socket through the included charger.

Suspension is from WP, featuring 35-mm XACT forks and a fully adjustable shock, the wheels are "lightweight," the frame is high-strength chromoly, the seat height is adjustable and the whole thing looks the business, the graphics nicely matching dad's FC450 if dad's lucky enough to have the latest model.

Another neat touch is the kill-switch lanyard. Electrics have a habit of catching people out – if somebody goes to pick up your bike after you fall off, their silent motors give no indication that the power's still on, and that's a recipe for accidentally flinging the bike all over the place with accidental throttle movements. The EE5 has a wrist strap you can stick on the left handlebar that'll shut the bike down if you fall off it – or go to pick your nose.

The Husky EE5 will start hitting dealers worldwide next month, with a raft of matching clothing and accessories in tow. No word yet on price, but expect a hefty premium over your typical Alibaba mini electrics. There ares plenty more pics of cute bobble-headed kids ripping it up in the gallery.

Source: Husqvarna

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