iBattz has unveiled a slew of accessories aimed at smartphone and tablet owners at this year’s CES. These include a wireless charging station for Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, a rugged battery-packed case for iPhone 5 and iPad, and a trio of iPhone 5 cases which feature interchangeable batteries.

iPhone 5 battery cases

The Mojo Refuel and Mojo Armor are both updates to the same Mojo line we previously reported on, and each comes with two high-capacity 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries which should be adequate to charge an iPhone 5 three times.

While the Refuel is designed to be as light and thin as possible, the Armor provides shock, dust and splash protection, and so is presumably bulkier as a result. Both are produced in several colors and the Refuel will be available from February at US$89.90, while the Armor arrives in March, at a price of $99.90.

iBattz also showed off its AquaSeal Hi5 waterproof case, which combines a waterproof case and attachable 2500mAh aluminum battery in an aim to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else that needs water protection for their iPhone. There's no word yet on price or availability.

Smart Wireless Charger

The Smart Wireless Charger will charge Samsung's Galaxy S III and Note II devices by simply placing them on the charging base. The system makes use of the popular Qi standard of wireless charging which has been adopted by companies such as Samsung and Nokia, and requires that a provided adapter be inserted into the Galaxy device in question. Once duly inserted, the adapter need not be removed. “This technology means you can forget about attaching your device with a cable or electrically connecting it to an adapter. Just lay your device on the base and it will charge,” said Richard Martin, President, iBattz North American operations.

Price and availability for the Smart Wireless Charger are to be announced.

Battstation Tough Pro

The Battstation Tough Pro is a rugged, water-resistant power bank for iPhone 5 and iPad Retina which offers a maximum of 12000mAh of additional portable power – in real terms, this should be enough to charge an iPhone up to eight times, or the new model iPad once. The shell is drop- and water-resistant.

The Battstation Tough Pro affords the ability to charge two USB devices simultaneously, and comes in 7200mAh, 8400mAh and 12000mAh iterations, for $29.90, $39.90 and $49.90, respectively.

Source: iBattz

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