As SUVs have slimmed into more efficient, urban-friendly crossovers, certain vehicle-camping gear has slimmed down along with them, as seen with the new generation of teardrop trailers. Iceco brings forth the latest compact car camping gadget, a super-portable fridge/freezer that looks as much like a digital picnic basket as an in-vehicle refrigerator. The handy iFreezer Go20 keeps your food fresh and drinks cold without the need for messy ice.

The stylish, little iFreezer Go20 lands somewhere between large, rugged fridge/freezers, like those from Dometic and ARB, and slim, in-vehicle drink coolers mounted between the seats. And that shouldn't be surprising, as Iceco explains that its background includes decades of developing automotive refrigeration solutions for major badges like Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and Volvo, designs that include the console cooler below.

With the iFreezer Go20, Iceco decouples the refrigerator from vehicle, offering a sleek, streamlined portable fridge/freezer with dual-zone adjustment system. It plugs into the vehicle's 12V outlet and hums quietly, keeping food and drinks cold (or frozen). Split by a central divider, each zone can be set between 0 and 50° F (-18 to 10° C), adjusted quickly and easily via the touch panel next to the lid or remotely via smartphone app. Iceco says that "max" mode will drop fridge temperature down to freezing (32° F/0° C) in under 15 minutes.

The divider can also be removed, letting you use the full 20 liters as a single refrigerated compartment. Iceco estimates that the polypropylene chest is large enough to swallow nine bottles of wine or twenty 11.2-oz (330-ml) cans of beer.

The iFreezer Go20 isn't quite sized to be the primary cooling solution on an ambitious overland expedition or supply-heavy tailgate, but it is a sleek, versatile cooling option for less demanding occasions, such as fishing trips, picnics, road trips and more. Its compact 22 x 13 x 12-in (57 x 32 x 31-cm) size makes it ideal for use in today's smaller CUVs and mini-campervans. During longer trips, it could serve as a supplementary cooler, letting you separate out drinks from the food cooler, for instance. Iceco is marketing it as a cleaner, simpler cooler alternative that doesn't require purchasing and maintaining ice – simply plug and go.

The Go20 won't venture away from the vehicle quite as smoothly as something like the wheeled, battery-swapping Furrion Rova, but at 23.8 lb (10.8 kg) it should be easy enough to carry from kitchen, to car, to campsite. Iceco also offers an optional 62,400-mAh battery pack to keep the fridge humming outside of the car for up to five hours. That pack also includes USB ports for charging other devices. When left running in a car, the iFreezer's built-in battery protection system is designed to cut power before the car battery runs dead.

Iceco eventually plans to sell the iFreezer Go20 for a US$799 retail but is offering it for pledge levels as little as half that through an Indiegogo campaign. Those willing to jump in early can secure early bird pricing starting at $399. The battery pack is available as a $189 add-on.

The campaign has already more than quintupled its goal, and if all continues to move according to plan, Iceco will start deliveries in June, just in time for Northern Hemisphere summer camping trips and picnics. In fact, with spring underway in the US, we plan to start putting the Go20 review sample Iceco sent us to use during just those types of trips. We'll post up a full review once we've put it through the wringer.

Source: Iceco

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