There are plenty of smart lighting solutions out there, but a new bulb from Ilumi is a little different, designed to allow users to light up outdoor areas of their homes. Known as the BR30, it features weatherproofing and is designed to work together with the company's indoor bulbs to provide a comprehensive lighting solution.

With the Internet of Things continuing to gather pace, we've seen all manner of smart devices and a host of smart lighting solutions, from prominent products like the Philips Hue to low-cost alternatives from Cree. Ilumi's new offering is a little more rugged, providing the opportunity to bring smart lighting to outdoor spaces.

The BR30 is designed for outside installation – on patios, decks, pool houses and front porches. As it's going to be exposed to the elements, it needs to be able to cope with rain. As such, the company opted to include IP64 weatherproofing, meaning it's not entirely waterproof, but should be able to deal with splashes of water.

The new bulbs are color-tunable and energy-efficient, consuming just 15 watts of power while pushing out in excess of 1,000 lumens. According to the company, that's equivalent to the brightness of a 75 to 100-watt incandescent bulb.

Like the company's indoor bulbs, the BR30 makes use of a proprietary MeshTek Bluetooth that allows the bulbs to connect at ranges of up to 150 ft (46 m) without the need for a hub. With that range, and considering that up to 50 bulbs can be connected at once, Ilumi's solution could easily allow for the installation of smart lighting through a property – both inside and out.

The kit works with Ilumi's own iOS and Android app, with Nest, Apple Watch, Amazon Eco, Android Wear and IFTTT integration arriving in Q2 2016. The app has a number of setups available to users, including a vacation mode that automatically switches lights on and off at certain times of day, and a mode that syncs the light to music, flashing with the beat of a song.

The smart bulbs are available for pre-order now through the company's website and at BestBuy, for US$70 a piece. You'll have to wait a little while to actually get your hands on them though, with the devices set to start shipping this summer (Northern Hemisphere).

Source: Ilumi

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