Anticipating its gorgeous FTR1200 flat track-inspired roadster to be in hot demand as a custom platform, Indian Motorcycle has released four "collections" of parts and accessories to get the ball rolling, depending on where you want to take it.

The collections include all sorts of bolt-on bits and pieces, from carbon tank covers to footrests, luggage and slip-on exhausts. There are sport, touring and rally collections, along with a tracker collection dedicated to getting the bike back close to the original FTR750 race bike design – although, curiously, none of the kits include the one seriously must-have accessory we've seen for this bike: the S&S twin shotgun exhausts that most make the FTR resemble the stunning concept bike that launched it.

Tracker Collection

The collection "most representative of the bike's flat-track racing roots." Add-ons include a shallow seat with a cowl, high-mount Akrapovic slip-ons and side-mount race number plates.

Sport Collection

Aimed at the quick street rider, the Sport collection prioritizes carbon fiber, with a carbon front mudgard, tank cover and seat cowl. The exhaust is a low-mount, high-rise Akrapovic unit.

Rally Collection

The more adventure-focused option, the Rally kit brings spoked aluminum wheels, a high-mount Akra exhaust, a flatter seat, a small rally screen, wider bars and a high-mount license plate holder.

Touring Collection

Riders intending to clock up some highway miles should check out the Touring gear, which includes a rear luggage rack, soft water-resistant messenger bag, a tank bag, and a windshield.

These are just the featured bits and pieces, there are a ton more at the Indian accessories site. Check them out in the video below.

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