USB sticks are great for file sharing, apart from a couple of drawbacks. Sometimes you want to share only some content of the drive, or the drive just isn’t big enough to hold all the information you want to share. The Infinitec Infinite USB Memory (IUM) drive provides you with a way to share absolutely all, or just selected content, wirelessly to any device with a USB port. You can even use it to stream movies from your laptop to your TV. And while it is being marketed as the world's first infinite memory USB memory drive, the device doesn't actually store information, it's really a wireless network device with similar "infinite memory" functions to the Eye-fi Pro X2 we featured earlier this year.

The IUM pairs uniquely to your laptop and this becomes the host of the IUM (one IUM per laptop or PC). This installs the Infinite Portal software on your laptop that then pairs your IUM to your laptop. The pairing process uniquely identifies your IUM from others. Once the IUM is paired to your laptop, unplug it and shift the switch back into “infinite” mode and it’s ready to share information to any device you choose.

The software included with the IUM provides the tools you need to share your content. You can use it to set the maximum storage size of the IUM, to decide what file system should be used and to easily mark or unmark the files and folders that you want to make visible on the IUM. It even comes with a set of organization tools to help you mange your shared content into an easy to use directory structure. There are performance monitoring tools that allow you to constantly check the connectivity status of the IUM, its transfer speed and throughput.

The IUM can also be used to stream content from your laptop to a TV or monitor. Since your files never leave your computer, you can stream all your movies, and pictures directly to your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, HIFI, etc. without worrying if they're small enough to cram on a USB drive. All your device needs is a USB port. And it supports full HD formats (1080p).

Unlimited file sharing

The IUM allows you to share your entire hard drive as well as any servers, external hard drives or other storage space that your laptop can access. Because you can keep on adding storage till infinity, the Infinitec will never run out of "space".

The IUM lets you choose whether to share one single file or your entire hard drive. If your IUM is lost or stolen, none of your data will be gone with it because the IUM doesn’t store any content on itself.

The IUM supports all types of files and folders regardless of the functionality or the extension of the file. All you do is mark the file for sharing using the included software.

The manufacturers say you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing because they’ve installed measures to protect you from any interference or signal drops.

IUM is plug and play device that’s recognized by all operating systems, PC or Mac. And it works with gaming consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

It allows users to print wirelessly, stream images to a photoframe, send music to a Hi-Fi, play movies on your TV or projector, DVD or Blu-ray player.

The IUM supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n, up to 300Mbps (n), its frequency range is 2.4-2.5Ghz and it measures 3.215 inches (l) x 0.866 inches (w) and weighs 0.77oz. It supports security protocols: WEP (64 and 128-bit), WPA and WPA2 (TKIP and AES).

The IUM will be available from July 2010 and will sell for around US$129 in computer and electronics stores.

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