It's been four years since Apple brought out a new iPod Touch, but it seems the iconic music player isn't quite ready for the digital graveyard yet. A new 7th-generation player has just been unveiled, with faster internals and extra storage.

Design-wise not much has changed. There's no sign of an iPad Pro-style makeover here, and the new iPod Touch is still rocking a Home button (without Touch ID). As with previous models, you've got a variety of shades to pick from, which are pink, silver, gray, gold, blue and red.

Under the hood the latest iPod Touch gets the A10 Fusion chip, a processor that was first introduced with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from 2016. It's not quite cutting edge any more, but it's definitely fast enough to power through everything an iPod will need.

That performance upgrade does mean the more demanding parts of iOS 12 – including augmented reality experiences and group video chat in FaceTime – are now going to be able to run on the iPod Touch, which wasn't the case before.

"The ultra-thin and lightweight design of iPod Touch has always made it ideal for enjoying games, music and so much more wherever you go," Apple's VP of Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said in a press statement.

The new 256 GB storage option will set you back US$399, while two existing storage capacities carry over from the 6th-gen model – 32 GB of room is going to cost you $199, with 128 GB yours for $299. The new models are on sale today.

Having started its life with iOS 9, the 6th-gen iPod Touch was starting to creak a bit with the introduction of iOS 12, though the latest software was still supported. This speed boost should ensure iOS 12 and whatever follows it will run with satisfactory smoothness.

The 4-inch screen and 8 MP rear camera are apparently unchanged, so the new iPod Touch might end up appealing to those who find the growing size of the flagship iPhones a little too difficult to handle.

More than that though, it's good news that one of the most iconic gadgets of the 21st century continues to live on, though it's come a long way since the days of a monochrome screen, a mechanical hard drive and a click-wheel interface.

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