The zombie-killing gore masters at IRLShooter are preparing to launch their second "real life video game" in Melbourne, Australia – Lazarus, a sequel to the very successful Patient Zero they ran in 2012. Surrounded by dangling corpses in their Brunswick office, Dave and Drew chatted with us about the new game, the new weapons, the infamous "pain belt" and the opportunity for players to join the zombie horde and scare seven different shades of crap out of their friends.

So the Sydney season of Patient Zero has been cancelled due to lack of advance ticket sales, and IRLShooter is coming back to Australia's zombie heartland of Melbourne to reload and relaunch with a brand new live action video game experience titled Lazarus.

Lazarus will be a semi-sequel to Patient Zero, set in the same universe, but will be accessible to players who didn't go through the original game as well as hardcore fans that dug right into the storyline and research elements of the last game.

We dropped in on Dave Leadbetter and Drew Hobbs at the IRLShooter office in Brunswick to talk about the new game, take a look at their new weapons and find out more about the Lazarus project.

Ed's note: The video below contains strong language ... and zombies.

Lazarus launches on Friday October 3 in Melbourne, Australia. The season is expected to last six weeks, but may be extended. More details and advance bookings at the Lazarus Pozible page.

Source: IRLShooter

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