One of the benefits of commissioning a tiny house from scratch is the flexibility offered. Whether you want additional sleeping space, a walk-in closet, or even a climbing wall exterior, it can all be done. The customer who approached Rewild Homes wanted a bathtub surrounded by glazing, so the firm got to work designing a compact but storage-packed towable dwelling that offers just that.

Based on a 24 ft (7.3 m)-long double axle trailer, the recently-completed Kestrel has a simple, unfussy layout. The finish looks good, with hardwood floors, fir trim and birch cabinetry, plus there's plenty of natural light thanks to the generous glazing.

On entering, a small living room area lies to one side, which includes bench seating, storage units and a storage loft above. The kitchenette is adjacent, and includes a granite sink, propane stove, a washer/dryer unit (squeezed under the stairs), and an electric fridge. The cabinetry offers yet more storage space.

At the far end of the home lies the bathroom, which is accessed by pocket door. This includes a custom vanity unit and sink with granite countertop, composting toilet, and a bathtub/shower which is surrounded by a tiled wet area and two large windows. There's not a lot of privacy on offer, but perhaps the owners will install some blinds or it'll be located in a rural area.

A storage-integrated staircase leads to a standard low-ceilinged tiny house-style loft bedroom, which has plenty of space for a double bed and is topped by a skylight.

The Kestrel gets its power from a standard RV-style hookup, while water is heated with a propane on-demand water heater. The house is also kept warm with propane too, using a forced air propane heater. Lighting is LED throughout.

We've no word on price for the Kestrel, though the firm's Blue Heron model is still for sale at US$78,000.

Source: Rewild Homes

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