Hypercar buyers love carbon fiber, and Koenigsegg has just released the carbon-iest hypercar ever with this "naked carbon" KNC Regera, which strips away any lacquer, varnish and even the thin layer of epoxy, to present a car finished in nothing but bare carbon fiber.

That's not an easy task – the epoxy is part of the production process, and it has to be painstakingly hand-polished off each piece of bodywork, with an incredibly delicate touch so that the carbon beneath isn't damaged.

The Koenigsegg team has developed this Koenigsegg Naked Carbon (KNC) process over a number of years, using the striking metallic graphite-like finish it creates as accents on wheels, steering wheels and aero components. But this is the first time the company has gone and applied it to a whole car. Indeed, it's claimed this is the first time it's ever been done.

The results look great, but there's also some function to it. Stripping off the epoxy shaves around 20 kg (44 lb) off the weight of the car, and since it's normally the epoxy that scratches, the bare carbon is a lot more scratch and chip resistant.

Mind you, it's highly labor-intensive, and the original parts need to be absolutely perfect for this kind of treatment to work; there's no smoothing or adjustment techniques available in the build phase if tolerances don't quite line up.

Still, if you like your carbon, the KNC Regera now stands as the absolute ultimate celebration of this lightweight wonder-material. The rest of the car's not too bad either, its 1,500-hp hybrid powertrain can rocket you from 0-400 km/h (0-249 mph) in less than 20 seconds.

The KNC Regera has been ordered and specified by Carage, a new Swiss Koenigseg dealership set to open in March next year, and has been delivered to its owner.

Source: Koenigsegg

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