There's no doubt that nostalgia sells, and both the iconic Volkswagen Kombi and timeless Back to the Future movies have it in spades. So maybe targeting a highly specific group of wealthy automotive aficionados that like both retro-Volkswagens and the Back To The Future movies isn't as crazy as it sounds – or maybe it is. Either way, this restored van gives us an idea of what might have been if Doc Brown's taste in vehicles had been different.

Restored by Nashville-based luxury outfit Velocity Motorcars, the restoration starts with a 1967 Kombi, rejuvenated both inside and out. Perhaps the most dramatic changes are the custom-built gull-wing doors, which mirror those of a classic DeLorean, and a gray paint job to reflect the DeLorean's unpainted stainless steel body panels.

On the dashboard things get a little on the nose (or awesome, depending on your tolerance for full-on movie prop theming) with a complete, and accurate, replica of the time-machine controller from Back To The Future. The pictures don't show the displays illuminated, but we would hope it lights up and allows you to punch in your ideal time zone destination.

Behind the front seats is a perfect flux capacitor replica, which we assume kicks on when you hit 88 mph – and which undoubtedly takes a little longer in this than a DeLorean. The van is also fitted out with the various mod-cons, including a TV in the back for passengers to watch Michael J. Fox movies, and a JL Audio sound system to enjoy a bit of Johnny B. Goode.

The one-off vehicle is selling for a tidy US$89,995, so you may want to take a Grays Sports Almanac along on a test drive to place a few bets.

Take a look through the gallery for a closer look at the Back To The Future Kombi.

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