Fans of the hardcore enthusiast KTM X-Bow roadster are bound to be on the increase with news that the GT version to be shown for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show next week will have doors and a windscreen ... and maybe the same 2.5 liter, 250 kW five-cylinder from the Audi TT-RS.

In actual fact, we don't know anything certain other than what we've learned from these images – that there are now doors and a windscreen and a new carbon fiber body, which means that one of the most spartan automobiles sold for use on public roads is going to be significantly more comfortable in its new form.

There are two sets of rumors – one that the GT will include the same TFRS 2.0 liter turbocharged motor as the current X-Bow R model (below), perhaps in a slightly higher state of tune. The R Motor produces 224 kW (300 hp) and 400 newton meters (300 lb·ft) of torque at 3300 rpm.

The other rumor, and the one we like most, is that KTM has tapped Audi for the five-cylinder engine from the TT-RS which produces 250 kW (335 bhp) from 5,400 to 6,700 rpm, and torque of 450 newton meters (332 lbf·ft) from 1,600–5,300 rpm.

Can't wait for next week – we'll keep you posted as details emerge.

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