As we've mentioned before, French laws require tiny houses to be very small and light compared to their counterparts over in North America. With this in mind, it's all the more impressive that French firm Baluchon managed to squeeze so much into its latest project, La Bohème.

La Bohème tiny house is based on a double axle trailer and measures just 6 m (19.6 ft)-long, which is roughly half the size of the appropriately-named Tiny Giant from Alpine Tiny Homes. Stylistically, it's a slight change from the firm's previous output and we like the bright green roof and generous glazing, though that loft window above the door does look a bit awkward.

Inside, the home seems relatively open and roomy. A small lounge area includes a sofa bed facing the windows, which sleeps a couple of extra guests. A dining table that seats four is nearby and a bookcase is across from this.

The adjacent kitchen includes propane-powered stove, sink, and fridge, plus some storage space. A small door reveals the bathroom, with toilet and shower (the owner decided the nearby kitchen sink was the only sink he needed). Finally, a removable ladder provides access to the sole loft bedroom, which is typical tiny house style and looks very snug.

As with the firm's previous work, La Bohème tiny house gets its electricity from a standard RV-style hookup and has LED lighting throughout. Insulation comes in the form of cotton for the floor, a mix of cotton, linen and hemp for walls, and wood fiber for the ceiling.

La Bohème is installed on the owner's land in the beautiful Vendée region of France and serves as his full-time home, year-round. It cost roughly €60,000 (US$70,500).

Source: Baluchon

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