French firm La Tiny House drew inspiration from the vintage Airstream trailer while designing its Tiny Stream tiny house. While the miniature dwelling doesn't closely resemble the Airstream's classic styling to us, the approach definitely paid off, resulting in an attractive home that's a welcome change from the stereotypical shed-on-wheels.

In addition to the Airstream, Tiny Stream's design also reflects French tiny house towing laws, which require that the home not exceed 3.5 metric tons (7,700 lb), whereas US tiny homes can be significantly heavier at 4.5 metric tons (10,000 lb). Interestingly, La Tiny House's homes can also be removed from the trailer, potentially allowing them to be set on foundations if building permits allow.

Like most tiny house companies, La Tiny House is keen to make the Tiny Stream fit the customer's needs. The homes can measure between 4 and 7 m (13 - 23 ft) long and sleep between two to six people, depending on the size chosen. Downstairs floorspace measures 10 - 15 sq m (107 - 161 sq ft), while the sleeping loft comprises 5 - 7 sq m (53 - 75 sq ft).

The exterior is clad in wood, plus aluminum siding, with a curved roof and porch that offers a semi-outdoor area that can be used for dining. Inside, the home features a snug living space and kitchenette that includes stove, washing machine, refrigerator, and a long counter. The bathroom sports a small cubicle shower and composting toilet, while stairs lead to a loft sleeping area with double bed.

La Tiny House currently offers three main tiny house models, each of which can be outfitted to run either on or off-the-grid. The recently-completed Tiny Stream shown here runs from solar power with a battery array.

The base model Tiny Stream starts at €23,500 (roughly US$26,600), with extras like an awning and fitted bathroom available at cost. The other models are similarly priced.

Source: La Tiny House (in French) via Treehugger

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