Lego has long offered miniature versions of high-profile architecture in kit form, like the US Capitol building and, more recently, its own Lego House headquarters. Fans can soon busy themselves recreating India's Taj Mahal with an upcoming 5,923-piece set.

The Lego Taj Mahal is actually a re-release of a set originally launched in 2008, and is part of the Creator Expert series. It's a really big set (for comparison, the US Capitol is around 1,000 pieces) and recommended for ages 16 and up.

It's based on one of the world's most important and recognizable works of architecture. Rising to a height of 73 m (240 ft), the Taj Mahal is an ivory white marble mausoleum commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to honor his favorite wife, Empress Mumtaz Mahal. It took around 21 years to construct and was completed in 1653.

This plastic version measures 16 x 20 x 20-in (43 x 51 x 51 cm) and, as usual with Lego, does a good job of replicating the original building's iconic design, including its arched windows and balconies, and domes with minarets topped by decorative finials (roof ornaments).

Once you've completed it, the whole thing can be split into seven modular sections for easier transportation.

The Lego Taj Mahal will go on sale Monday, November 27, available from Lego stores. It'll set you back US$369.99.

Source: Lego

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