Fresh from Detroit and headed for Geneva, this convertible LC show car looks less like a way-out concept car and much more like something we'll see in showrooms before too long. It also looks like a ton of fun to point down a twisty summer beach road.

Lexus' Japanese design team meditated on the concept of "absolute beauty" while they worked on this thing – the idea that every line should "evoke an emotional response." We wouldn't go that far; in our view the open top detracts a bit from the curvy hip lines that made the LC coupé so sexy. But it's certainly a nice, compact, agile and athletic looking roadster in its own right.

The topless concept wears 22-inch rims to the standard car's 21, and features a white leather interior with yellow accents. There's no mention of what motor it uses – likely the grunty 5-liter V8 from the base model coupé. If it hits production, it'll almost certainly come in both the big V8 and 3.5-liter V6 hybrid flavors.

Will it hit production? Lexus isn't saying anything, but this thing looks close enough to production standard that it really feels like a matter of time. It'll be on show at the Geneva motor show from March 5. Check out a short video below, or many more photos in the gallery.

Source: Lexus

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