LG has unveiled its crop of premium TVs for 2018, which includes 10 OLED models and nine so-called "Super UHD" LCD models. All 19 of these TVs have been smartened up with the company's Alpha processors to render images faster, and the ThinQ AI system to enable voice commands.

The OLED lineup varies in screen sizes from 55 in to 77 in, and comes in a range of designs like Picture-On-Wall, Picture-On-Glass, One Glass Screen and Cinema Screen. All models bar the B8 bear the brains of the Alpha 9 processor. This chip is designed to ramp up the colors, depth and sharpness of the images, and LG claims its algorithm allows twice the noise reduction as other techniques.

Although LG calls the rest of the range "Super UHD," that's just a fancy marketing term for 4K. These TVs come in screen sizes between 49 in to 75 in, and like the B8, are running an Alpha 7 processor instead. That's designed to achieve the same kind of visual benefits as the Alpha 9, backed up by some tried-and-true hardware designs coupled with Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlighting for better contrast, and Nano Cell particles for clearer colors.

LG has also crammed its Internet of Things system, ThinQ, into all 19 of these TVs. The system has been connecting LG's phones, fridges and speakers for years, and this marks the first time it's made its way into the company's TVs. Using a deep learning algorithm and a microphone in the remote control, users can bark voice commands to search for specific shows, change the channel, or tell the TV to automatically turn off when a movie finishes.

All of the TVs are equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, and Dolby Atmos for better picture and sound quality.

LG hasn't announced any details on when these TVs will be released. In terms of pricing, the lineup runs the gamut from about US$2,000 right up to an eye-watering $15,000 for the 77-in Picture-On-Wall display.

Source: LG

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