CES 2019 in Las Vegas opens its doors to the public tomorrow and LG Display is in the house showing off a bunch of new OLED screens. After making a splash at last year's expo with a monster 88-inch 8K OLED screen, the display technology arm of the consumer tech giant has embedded a sound system into the panel of a huge display and is taking aim at motion blur with a UHD screen boasting the world's fastest moving image response time.

LG Display hasn't released any images of it 88-inch Crystal Sound OLED display at this time, but has shared some details. The screen has a 3.2.2 channel sound system embedded directly into the display panel which, when combined with Dolby Atmos technology, is reported to result in dynamic audio from a viewer's top, bottom, left and right.

LG is by no means the only company to have the screen itself throw out audio, but doing so with 8K visuals at 88 diagonal inches promises to be quite the eye popper and ear pleaser.

Moving down to 4K UHD, the company is debuting something called Crystal Motion OLED in a 65 inch display, which is said to have the world's fastest MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time) of 3.5 milliseconds. That should allow viewers to watch fast-paced sporting shows and action movies "in their natural vibrancy without any motion blur."

Visitors to CES 2019 will also be treated to an arty OLED flower made up of four 65 inch UHD OLED displays that have had their edges curled inward, as a demonstration of the flexibility of OLED displays and the kind of thing LG Display can achieve without compromising picture quality.

Other developments on show include an 86 inch electronic whiteboard with embedded touch technology for "greater touch precision, clearer picture quality and a slimmer design." A show window comprising four 55 inch transparent OLED panels is being used to showcase OLED's commercial potential, with its 40 percent transparency making it a good fit for retail store window displays.

A 12.3 inch OLED panel destined for use in the automotive industry has been introduced, with 45 percent transparency that perhaps previews a future where vehicle windows can keep the kids entertained.

And a new USB-C portable monitor, together with a bunch of LCD panels, round out LG Display's CES 2019 offerings.

Source: LG Display

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