Anyone looking for a multitool already has plenty to choose from, including the Kniper, the Ringtool, and the Leatherman Tread. Now they have another in the form of the Lil Trucker, which features more than 10 tools in a compact package fit for survivalists, outdoors-men (and women), and rescue workers.

As multitools go, the Lil Trucker has more than its fair share of usable and useful elements. These include a spanner, a hammer, a folding saw, a glass breaker, a strap cutter, a can opener, a hatchet blade, a wedge, a pry, a hook, a wire twist, a nail puller, a gas valve wrench, and four hex wrenches of differing sizes.

This all comes in a suitably small package, as the Lil Trucker is just 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) long with a 7.5-inch (19 cm) handle. This means it can be kept in the glove compartment of your car, ready to use if and when the need arises ... such as when the zombie apocalypse finally hits, which it will, eventually.

The Lil Trucker is the work of Innovation Factory, a company based in Philadelphia, USA. Initially designed by firefighters and developed for rescue workers, the Lil Trucker is now being targeted at survivalists and those with a penchant for spending time outdoors. It's made from carbon steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee, which should give potential buyers some confidence.

The Lil Trucker is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign which has already sailed past its goal of US$25,000. A pledge of $69 is required to secure the Lil Trucker if and when Innovation Factory delivers on its promises. Shipping inside the US is free, but costs $25 to everywhere else in the world.

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