Netherlands-based tiny house enthusiast Marjolein Jonker's new home is definitely one of the more attractive examples of small living we've recently come across. The off-grid tiny house eschews the popular cute miniature cottage look in favor of a more clean-lined and contemporary design that also looks a little more roomy inside than your typical home on wheels.

Jonker's home was designed for her by small living specialists Walden and built by Dimka Wentzel of The home comprises a total floorspace of 16 sq m (172 sq ft) and sports a large deck to increase living space.

Entering via generous glazed doors, a visitor is greeted by what looks like a relatively large and open interior, with a nice high ceiling thanks to its distinctively-shaped roof. An L-shaped seating area is situated directly to the left, while to the right lies a wood-burning stove, which offers heat for the home. The kitchen includes a fridge/freezer, sink, an oven, and a countertop.

A bathroom with composting toilet and a half-sized bath and shower is located toward the rear of the home. Stairs with integrated storage lead to the loft, which includes a double bed and more storage space.

Significant thought was obviously paid to the home's energy-efficiency and durability. It's clad in (sustainably-grown) thermally-treated softwood, which is heated and cooled before use in an effort to lend it properties similar to tropical hardwood. According to Jonker, the wood is lightweight and strong, and will last for years untreated.

Sheep's wool was used as insulation (like the Three Glens house), and to ensure that the various appliances and fridge/freezer can run off-the-grid, a solar power setup was installed. This comprises three 300 W solar panels, an inverter, and two 12.8 V batteries. A monitor displays how much juice is left.

Source: Marjolein in miniature (in Dutch)

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