We covered Maserati's new sport luxury SUV prior to the announcement at IAA in Frankfurt earlier this week, but there's now a bit more info plus a lot more pics and detail available.

Maserati showed a Giugiaro-styled SUV named the Kubang (after a Javan wind) in Detroit in 2003 in response to the then new Porsche Cayenne.

They've kept the name, and the basis of the vehicle will be the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the engine, suspension, steering and brakes will be Maserati and the Jeep styling makeover has been conducted under the eye of Maserati's Lorenzo Ramaciotti.

The car will also come with a choice of several new Maserati engines designed by ex-Ferrari F1 engine designer Paolo Martinelli, and will be produced in Maranello by Ferrari.

The transmission will be an AT eight-speed auto and the suspension, brakes and steering components will also be developed in Modena by the Maserati Product Development Department.

The Kubang is still expected to be built in Detroit as per the article earlier in the week.

Interestingly, the original Kubang was to be powered by a Chrysler Hemi V8. Giugaro did a nice job IMHO. That's it below.

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