Runners have plenty of options for lighting, from simple, purpose-built runners' lights, to lighted hydration packs, to LED running shoes, to neon-glow belts and beyond. Typically these lights are powered by replaceable or rechargeable batteries, which can leave you in the dark. The all-new Million Mile Light from startup Positively Human makes you the battery, keeping the light flashing so long as you're running.

What the Million Mile Light lacks in a snappy name, it makes up for in what seems on paper to be a smooth, user-friendly design. It combines two popular technologies – lightweight, efficient LED lights and portable kinetic energy generation – into a gadget purpose-built for safer running.

The Million Mile Light doesn't have an internal battery, instead converting the motion of your running into the electricity needed to power its four ultra-bright LEDs. Simply strap the 1.3 oz (36 g) light on with the included waistband or a wrist strap, ankle strap, etc. and start running. The safety light flashes to keep you visible from distances up to 656 ft (200m). It is designed to burn for 100,000 hours.

Because the Million Mile Light relies on neodymium rare earth magnets, it comes with a few usage caveats. Positively Human says you shouldn't use it if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker, and should wear it 6 in+ (15 cm+) from any electronic devices, like watches and fitness monitors.

Positively Human launched a Kickstarter campaign this week and is offering the Million Mile Light at pledge levels of £12 (US$19) and more. It says that it has finalized the production light after more than 100 prototypes but still needs money to get the assembly lines rolling.

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