We didn't hear a peep from Mitsubishi at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show. In fact, we had trouble even tracking the company down. Mitsubishi plans a louder, bolder presence at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show however, and has already announced a series of three green SUV concepts that it will reveal there.

At the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Mitsubishi revealed the Outlander PHEV, a plug-in hybrid version of its SUV with an electric motor on each axle and an engine-generator. Mitsubishi has launched the model in Japan and Europe, with plans for a US launch in late 2014. The three hybrid SUVs slated for a Tokyo debut look beyond the Outlander PHEV, showing a glimpse at the next generation of plug-in SUV design and technology.

Mitsubishi's first concept is called the Concept GC-PHEV. The GC stands for Grand Cruiser, and the model is a full-sized SUV powered by a "high output" plug-in hybrid system. Mitsubishi says that it's equipped with the S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) system, which ensures all-terrain capabilities and sure handling and stability. It also includes next-generation connectivity technologies that enhance vehicle safety and driver support.

Teaser picture of the Concept GC-PHEV

On the other end of the SUV sizing scale, the Concept XR-PHEV is a plug-in crossover. Mitsubishi says the XR, or Xover Runner, has coupe-like styling. A lightweight plug-in hybrid system gives it superior fuel efficiency and nimble driving skills.

The Mitsubishi Concept AR (Active Runabout) sounds like a different kind of vehicle. It's technically classified as a compact MPV, but Mitsubishi promises that it offers the mobility of an SUV with the interior space and flexibility of an MPV. Mitsubishi doesn't specify whether that SUV-like mobility includes an all-wheel-drive system, stating simply that the concept is powered by a downsized direct-injection turbo engine. The interior includes flexible seating designed to be rearranged into several different configurations.

We'll keep our eye out for more information about these new concepts as Tokyo draws nearer. The show opens up to the press on November 20. As you wait for the next generation of Mitsubishi PHEV SUV, you can watch the current generation get dirty in the recently posted video below. It shows an upgraded Outlander PHEV off-roader taking on dirt, mud, water and more.

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