Currently, your iPod might have your favorite songs personalized the way you like them and your laptop might be customized with your own homepage material. But what about your shower or bath? Do they know what you like? An easy-to-use interface for your bathroom is now available from Moen that gives you the ability to set and maintain water temperature, levels and flow with electronic precision – even remotely. The ioDIGITAL is available for three Moen products: the vertical spa, shower and Roman tub.

“With ioDIGITAL, it’s like having your own personal digital ‘butler’ – that will set your vertical spa with the perfect temperature and flow; turn on your shower from across the room or while still in bed; or even top off your bath with hot water,” said Mark Knurek, senior product manager, Moen. “And the best part is that you can do all of this as easily as if you were programming a car radio. It’s that simple.”

Behind ioDIGITAL is an intelligent interface that provides a quick, visual feedback, with LED indicators that flash until the requested settings are achieved – no more guessing if your shower or bath is ready. Each LED on the temperature indicator represents a precise temperature range, which allows the consumer to adjust the water to the exact temperature they like.

Another bonus is that it’s not affected even if water is turned on or off in other parts of the home. The LEDs will even alert the consumer if the hot water supply happens to run low.

The ioDIGITAL can store up to four different presets which can be programmed easily, allowing different members of the family to enjoy their own unique setting – from an invigorating morning shower to a relaxing evening escape, and even a child’s bedtime bath.

ioDIGITAL technology is powered by an electronic valve that manages the hot and cold water supply to precisely maintain the perfect temperature. This innovative valve can be located up to 30ft from the tub or shower – in a linen closet, vanity, basement or under the tub – for easy installation and retrofit flexibility.

An electronic “pause” function helps save water by stopping the flow of water while shampooing or shaving, then returns to the previous setting.

The Roman tub can be programmed for temperature and fill levels that helps prevent overfilling accidents or wasted water. The operation panels and (optional) remotes also feature child locks.

More information about pricing and availability is online.

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