The Slypod is an odd little filmmaking tool that works with Moza's camera gimbals to add controlled, steady movement to your shots. Weighing in at just 750 g (1.65 lb), it can form part of a monopod setup or click onto a tripod.

The US$499 price tag announced today might make this a difficult choice for filmmakers, given that the Slypod only allows a camera movement of 11 in (280 mm) and there are plenty of motorized sliders out there that can beat that travel distance for a lot less.

On the other hand, through Moza's app suite you can program the Slypod in concert with a camera gimbal like the Moza Air 2, as well as a follow focus – so if you're already using a Moza gimbal, the Slypod does open up some unique creative movements that you'd have to spend a lot to replicate.

Its other advantage is weight and compactness. At 750 g and about the size of a single tripod leg, you can pretty much throw it in your tripod bag, where other sliders are a fair bit bulkier and a harder choice to take out on the road when you don't have the luxury of a camera car. The battery lasts two hours, which should be enough for most shoots, but you can also stick a USB powerbank on it for effectively unlimited sliding time.

Check the Slypod out in the video below.

Source: Moza

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