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Whether you're into Bach, The Beatles or Bieber, whether you can play an instrument or humming is the height of your musical skill, music is a universal language that inspires, excites and brings joy to people of all walks of life. Technology can add a new spin to old favorites or lead to entirely new instruments with entirely new sounds. Whatever your jam, here's where you'll find the latest technological developments from the world of music.

This double bass breaks apart for travel

​String pickers on the road often can't take their guitars of choice of their travels – due to size or safety concerns – so might carry or more portable flavor to help keep calluses from going soft. But what if you played a double bass? That's where the TravelBass comes into its own.​

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Rockin the best music gear of 2018

The last year has seen iconic brand Gibson collapse and be reborn, Fender experiment with hybrid guitar forms, and Moog release its first analog polysynth in decades. It's been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but we're focusing on the positive for a look back at music gear highlights in 2018.

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