After a photo leak in the lead-up to November's EICMA motorcycle show, MV Agusta has released photos and full details on the very tasty Brutale 800 RR and the even more delectable Dragster 800 RR. Far from being just a facelift, both models feature significant performance and electronic upgrades – but let's be honest here, this story's all about gorgeous photos of beautiful Italian motorcycles. Enjoy!

Sometimes, PR just doesn't work the way you hoped. MV Agusta's plan was to slowly release teaser images of the Brutale RR and Dragster RR in the lead-up to the Italian EICMA motorcycle expo in November. But some cheeky bugger got hold of the full set of images and leaked them, so as a result MV Agusta has decided to immediately throw the doors open and make an official release.

I'm not sure what motorcycle companies feel they have to gain by waiting until the big expos to break new models where they they run the risk of having the bike buried under a dozen other competitor's efforts. This early leak puts the Brutale and Dragster RR models on the front page, so it seems to work out well for MV.

Either way, both RR models take things a notch forward in performance terms from the standard bikes. A redesigned exhaust and airbox, plus a second set of shower-type fuel injectors boosts horsepower from 125 to 140 (93 to 104 kW), and torque from 60 to 63.5 ft-lbs (81 to 86 Nm), out of the same 798cc, three cylinder engine.

Dry weight is an impressively light 168 kg (370 lb) for both bikes, and as part of the RR designation they get upgraded electronics, quickshifters, steering dampers and uprated forks with diamond-like carbon coating for reduced stiction. It's worth noting that the quickshifter is the first on a nakedbike that handles downshifts as well as upshifts.

ABS is standard on both bikes, with stoppie control to keep the rear wheel down under hard braking. There's also 8-stage traction control and four riding modes, one of which is a custom mode that "allows the rider to adjust fundamental parameters such as engine response, rev limiter, engine torque response, throttle sensitivity and engine braking" through the handlebar controls. That sounds like a fantastic idea to me – I know how I like to ride, let me set it up just the way I like it.

So yes, the RR designation is definitely a performance upgrade. But it's also an aesthetic one, and we can't deny the leaked photos were very eye-catching, particularly the bold, fat, white spoked rims on the Dragster RR. The Dragster in particular is almost show-bike beautiful, so it's reassuring to know it'll also be a beast on the road.

Enjoy our dirty big photo gallery responsibly.

Source: MV Agusta

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