A few days after announcing the updated Dragster 800 RC, MV Agusta has proceeded in similar fashion with the refinement of the high-end F3 RC supersport in both 675 and 800 versions. There's also a new special Brutale 800 RR Pirelli to celebrate a partnership extension with the Italian tire manufacturer.

It seems that for MV Agusta the limited-edition motif is working out quite well, at least well enough to justify the extension of the RC range to five models, as F3 800 joins the gang. Adding the initials of the company's racing department – Reparto Corse – to a motorcycle translates to gear and styling directly derived from MV Agusta's efforts at the World Superbike Championship.

The F3 675 and 800 supersports have been designed for racing to begin with. In fact, the 675 is the actual homologated model for the World Supersport class, while the 800 is essentially the same bike with a slightly bigger three-cylinder engine, by means of a longer stroke for the same piston bore.

MV Agusta applies to the two supersport models more or less the same updates as it did with the Dragster 800 RC. Driven by the latest European legislation, the F3 RC engine delivers a 50 percent cut in emissions and 48 percent less noise than the previous Euro 3 norms, achieved by a large number of small changes to the engine and its controlling software.

Although MV Agusta has not detailed most of the aforementioned changes, it does say that both bikes receive the same updates as the Dragster RC, including redesigned balance shaft, primary gearing, intake cam profiles, valves, exhaust manifolds and an overhauled gearbox for smoother shifting action. Also, all the motorcycles of the RC range with the three-cylinder engine receive new, thicker engine side covers that emit less mechanical noise and are stronger.

On the software side, MV Agusta says that the ride-by-wire throttle is improved, as is the 8-level traction control system and the electronic EAS 2.0 quickshifter.

Finally, specifically for the F3 RC models, the steel trellis frame features a new engine mount for increased rigidity, without causing any change in the motorcycle's geometry and weight balance.

Despite all the adjustments made for Euro 4 compliance, both F3 RC bikes don't appear to lose anything in terms of nominal power, producing peak values of 128 hp (94 kW) and 148 hp (108 kW) in the 675 and 800 cc versions respectively. With the announced dry weight of both bikes set at 173 kg (381.4 lb), these power figures make for two pretty competent track bikes.

Production will be limited to just 100 units for the F3 675 RC and 250 for the F3 800 RC. Both motorcycles are sold as street-legal, but this can change by using the special kit. This includes an SC Project exhaust system, made from titanium tubes with a carbon fiber silencer, and partners up with a race electronic control unit that unleashes 133 hp (99 kW) on the F3 675 RC and 153 hp (114 kW) on the F3 800 RC.

The kit also throws in a rear seat cowl, machined billet brake and clutch levers, rear paddock stand, bike cover, and a rear sprocket better suited to track use – although MV Agusta does not clarify how this changes the final gearing ratio.

Along with the latest RC updates, MV Agusta has announced a new special model to celebrate the renewed collaboration with Pirelli for OEM supply of tires. This will be built around the highest-spec model of the Brutale 800 clan, the RR.

This Brutale does not sport any mechanical changes over the normal model. The main is in its distinctive looks that include a dedicated paint scheme in two versions, red and blue, and a special rear six-inch rim. The wider rear wheel supports a 200-section tire – just like the Dragster models – and, especially for the occasion, Pirelli has created Supercorsa SP tires with color bands on the side walls. It isn't very often that one can order tires to match the color of the bike.

Actually, last year MV Agusta had designed a similar special model with Pirelli, based on the standard Brutale 800, but with no plans for production. Apparently, it was well received by motorcyclists, as were the one-off colored tires that Pirelli had introduced for the occasion, so this time the Brutale 800 RR Pirelli will be produced in a limited, though still undefined, number.

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