MVRDV has revealed a new mixed-use residential development planned for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, appropriately named Pixel. Due for completion in 2020, the project comprises a group of seven towers that sport an eye-catching pixelated design.

MVRDV is clearly fond of pixelated architecture and has produced several recent designs that riff on the distinctive cubic style, including the Bałtyk and the Sax.

Pixel's seven mid-rise towers will include 480 apartments of varying size, from plush penthouse-style residences to relatively inexpensive studio apartments, as well as retail, office, and community spaces. Shaded terraces will be installed at street level. The towers will be clad in concrete and ceramic and oriented to maximize the view, as well as taking the sun and wind into account.

"Pixel represents a new way of approaching neighborhoods, communities, the way of living, the way of working," says MVRDV. "Based on a research of possible residential models, we selected together with the client the 'mini-tower' configuration, which resulted in spreading 7 mid-rise, relatively slim towers around the plot, influenced by the local conditions (sun and wind) and providing the most view around for most apartments."

The buildings will surround a pedestrianized plaza and connect to a large new beach, marina and public events area designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) called The Artery.

Both Pixel and The Artery are at the center of a larger Abu Dhabi development called Makers District, which itself is part of a wider building push in the capital city that has attracted some of architecture's biggest names.

Highlights include Jean Nouvel's Louvre Abu Dhabi, which was recently completed nearby, and a planned new Guggenheim museum by Frank Gehry.

Source: MVRDV

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