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Nexus 10? Google and Samsung reportedly making high-end tablet

Nexus 10? Google and Samsung r...
Perhaps Google will call it the Nexus 10? (rendered image)
Perhaps Google will call it the Nexus 10? (rendered image)
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Perhaps Google will call it the Nexus 10? (rendered image)
Perhaps Google will call it the Nexus 10? (rendered image)
The 299 ppi would be new ground for tablets (peacock feather: Shutterstock)
The 299 ppi would be new ground for tablets (peacock feather: Shutterstock)

The tablet market has been clearly split. There is the high-end, dominated from inception by the iPad. Then there's the evolving low-end, which has been led by the Kindle Fire, but is also party to offerings from Google (Nexus 7), Samsung (Galaxy Tab 7) and Barnes & Noble (Nook HD). As Apple prepares to enter the low-end with the iPad Mini, Google may now be looking to take on the iPad.

According to CNET, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shin has the lowdown on the tablet. Shin says the slate would carry the Nexus branding, and would be yet another collaboration between the search giant and Samsung (after the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus).


The 299 ppi would be new ground for tablets (peacock feather: Shutterstock)
The 299 ppi would be new ground for tablets (peacock feather: Shutterstock)

The device's killer feature would be its display: its 10.1-inch, 2560 x 1600 screen would be sharper than anything on the market, with its 299 pixels per inch (PPI) easily topping the 264 ppi in the 3rd gen. iPad. You can argue that, at a certain point, raising pixel density is overkill – but you may want to see the display before jumping to that conclusion.

Shin says that this will be a high-end tablet, with a price to match. Aiming squarely at Apple, Google and Samsung would be foolish to overprice it; US$500 or less for the base model sounds reasonable. With the iPad having no proven challengers at the high end of the market, the companies know that they need to dazzle. The potential success of Microsoft's Surface and other Windows 8 tablets only adds to the task before them.

No word yet on a release date (assuming Shin's sources are sound and the tablet exists), but it sounds like 2013 would be a safe bet.

What do you think: would a Nexus 10 be a true challenger to the iPad? Or would it go the way of the fallen XOOMs and Galaxy Tabs that came before it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: CNET

YES, Google, YES! Now you're playin'!
Michael Mantion
Bout time..
I am commited to never contribute a dollar to Apple's billions. A true Ipad competitor? I've been waiting........
Vikas Vimal
The best point is that it would come with a newer version of Android. Now that is where the fate of this tablet will lie. iPad, Surface and Nexus all have somewhat similar specs, but the OS must stand out. I pray that they fit it with a Wayne chip.
Airsoft-World Scotland
Absolutely! An equally spec'd. tablet to the iPad with all the 'normal' slots and functionality - like USB, memory card and an open OS will win my money and put my iPad on Ebay.
Ahmad Saeed
It will really be eye opener for apple. I just wish it has a quad core 2 Ghz processor and 2 Gb Ram and most important of all, a battery to last it for 12 hours of usage. I bet Ipad will be nowhere to be seen specially in asia and europe.
Muhammad Kamran Arain
I want never to buy an Apple product. I welcome all competitors
Sambath Pech
The hyper retina display won't be the dealbreaker as I had a 2nd gen iPad (non-retina display) and the display didn't bother me. I care much more about getting productivity out of the unit - such as the myriad of useful apps in iTunes Store. However, I have played around with the Android tablets and they do look impressive, especially the Nexus7. I'll reconsider switching to an Android tablet once this Nexus10 comes out.
Come on google, wtf???? Just make nexus 7 with 3g. With this and couple other improvements would make nexus 7 a dream device.
iOS is in dire need of a facelift, but Android just keeps getting better and better. It seems the Android devs have hit their stride with ICS as Jelly Bean is quite fantastic IMO. I would definitely be interested in a Nexus 10 tablet. I think a lot of people have been waiting for a meticulously crafted Android tablet that matches or beats the iPad in every category.
There are certainly Samsung 10" tablets, but they seem rushed. The Asus Transformer Prime is probably the best 10" Android tablet at this point.
It's hard to say if I would buy a Nexus 10 as I need to see what Microsoft's offering will be like.
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