Automakers like to kick off the summer season by letting their hair down and creating playful one-off builds that get down and party. In 2012, Nissan broke out the Juke Box rolling sound system, and last year Volkswagen brought the noise with the Amarok Power pickup. Nissan is back at it again in 2015, plugging the party in with a specially equipped e-NV200 electric van built to make cocktails, pump bass and provide an augmented reality experience.

More than just the typical parkable party with roll-out sound system, the Part e-Van is more like a full mobile outdoor club. Nissan includes a 20-ft (6-m)-high light canopy to set the perimeter, and an LED dance floor to attract the crowd. Music drops from a rooftop DJ booth equipped with a 14,000-watt custom sound system and a silent disco system for broadcasting the music to wireless headphones.

That massive canopy and DJ booth look like they require a support vehicle to transport, but the Part e-Van also packs some fun internally. A slide-out tech bar houses an automated cocktail maker programmed to mix up electric-inspired drinks. Nissan's video makes it clear that those cocktails are non-alcoholic. There's also a refrigerator for keeping bottles and cans chilled.

The cocktails aren't the only thing reminding partiers that the Part e-Van is an all-electric vehicle. Nissan draws attention to this fact via a clever oversized disco ball with solar panels strapped all around its exterior. The solar ball helps to keep the power-hungry party van juiced up.

Not feeling the crowd? You can escape into a virtual party scene via the two TV screens mounted to the sides. These screens offer an augmented reality party experience that you can share with friends via social media. If that doesn't quite satisfy your craving for self-promotion, be sure to smile for the "selfie drone" buzzing around the van.

Nissan prepared the Part e-Van for a reveal as part of the UEFA Champions League football/soccer final festivities in Berlin this weekend. It plans to take a European tour in the van this summer, stopping at major events like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Join the party (van) in the video below.

Source: Nissan

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