Forget using your pickup truck for hauling tools and supplies; load it up with speakers and DJ equipment instead. That spacious cargo bed "provides sufficient storage space for all the equipment needed for parties." So said Volkswagen's commercial arm when it brought the all-new Amarok Power concept to the Wörthersee GTI festival over the weekend.

Somewhere in the deeps of Volkswagen's headquarters, a (likely hungover) party animal was avoiding doing any work after a long weekend of Red Bull-vodka-fueled dancing. Instead of hammering away on his keyboard, he gazed out the window and indulged in an elaborate daydream that blended work with play. What he saw was an Amarok pickup truck filled with audio equipment from cabin to tailgate. The hazy, dehydration-fed pondering was just real enough to inspire him to convince his bosses that a rolling sound system built into an Amarok had to be made – and he had to be the one to christen it with his DJ skills.

Or at least that's our theory on how it came to be. Whatever behind-the-scenes give-and-take went down to make it happen, the Amarok Power is here and it's ready to party. The truck's 5,000-watt exterior sound system includes an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer wired up to Pioneer CDJ900NXS multi-players.

Music finds its way out of two specially-designed, MC2 amp-driven Void Acoustics Impulse 3t Speakers, Mycro 6 monitors and a Stasys Xair sub. That equipment has been custom-designed to pack perfectly in the Amarok SingleCab's 3.5-sq m (37.7 sq ft) cargo bed, creating a DJ booth on wheels that's always ready to blast.

A standard, nondescript pickup wouldn't have the proper look for a mobile DJ booth, so VW has applied some cosmetic modding. It's brushed the Power in Dynamic grey metallic paint and added a variety of chrome and orange accents. The bass-thumping truck rides on 22-in "Gunmetal" alloys. Inside, "Orange Power" nappa leather trim teams with black Alcantara and carbon leather for a clean, high-energy look.

We don't anticipate VW offering a "Power" Amarok trim, but we do expect that the automaker will show up to the occasional event in its newly crafted sound-machine.

Source: Volkswagen

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