Modern Tiny Living recently put the finishing touches to a model that makes your average tiny house look spacious. Though it measures just 12 ft (3.6 m)-long, the off-grid Nugget nonetheless has a bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping area squeezed into its small frame.

The Nugget tiny house is clad in pine siding and topped by a metal roof. It's based on a single-axle trailer and weighs 4,500 lb (around 2,040 kg). Total floorspace comes in at a mere 102 sq ft (9.4 sq m). By comparison, Timbercraft Tiny Homes' Retreat measures 416 sq ft (38.6 sq m) and Escape's Vista comes close, but not quite close enough, with 160 sq ft (14.8 sq m).

Columbus, Ohio-based Modern Tiny Living markets the Nugget as a weekender, and we'd agree – full-time living in this thing would definitely pose a challenge. That said, the firm has done quite a lot with the limited space available. The kitchen includes a large sink, copper faucet and hickory butcher block countertops. A mini-fridge is installed but surprisingly no stove, perhaps the plan is for the owner to use a portable camping model.

The bathroom has some privacy thanks to a pocket door and includes a composting toilet and shower, while the bed (which doubles-up as a lounge area) includes integrated storage space.

The Nugget runs totally off-the-grid and includes a roof-based solar array connected to an inverter and batteries. A 100 gal (378 l) fresh water tank and pump ensures there's always water on-tap, and a propane heater and water heater will keep both the home's occupants and the water suitably warm.

On that note, the insulation is rated to R-28 in ceiling and floors and R-21 in the walls, which seems about right for a tiny house like this that isn't geared towards tackling extreme temperatures.

The Nugget is currently up for sale for US$36,000.

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