E3 2012 is in full swing right now, and while there haven't been any new game consoles announced, that doesn't mean there aren't some new ways to play video games being revealed. Cloud gaming service, OnLive has announced that its library of instant-play games will soon be available both on LG's line of Smart TVs and through almost any PC or Mac browser. In addition, the company will be rolling out a new MultiView spectating mode along with several new games being featured at the show.

For a few years now, OnLive has been providing a way to play current-gen games through its cloud without the need for a gaming computer or console. At E3 this week, the company is demonstrating how its service will be playable on LG's Smart TV with Google TV. The TV's L9 dual-core processor allows for games to be accessed almost instantly and for some to even be played in 3D. Players can either use OnLive's own wireless controller to play or use other compatible devices including the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

OnLive has also introduced an update that allows for instant access to games through any PC and Mac browser, with support for tablet and smartphone browsers on the way. Previously, users were required to download a separate program or app to access the service. OnLive hopes in-browser play might encourage both players and game publishers to use their service more effectively. The new update allows for OnLive games to be embedded on websites and Facebook pages using a simple URL. This places almost complete control on the website owner to implement it however they want - offering a playable demo that links to a page to buy the full game, for example.

The company is also showing off a new spectating mode called "MultiView," which allows players to view up to three friends' games while they play their own. While using MultiView, most of the screen will be filled with the player's game, while three smaller screens show on the side as a picture-in-picture. Users will be able to use this mode to see what their friends are seeing while chatting and even coordinate attacks in co-op games.

OnLive is showing all of these new features off on the E3 show floor using some games that have yet to be released, including Darksiders II, London 2012, and Civilization V: Gods and Kings.

Source: OnLive

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