The best electric RVs and camper innovations of 2020

The best electric RVs and camp...
Elektro Frosch Pro scooter camper
Elektro Frosch Pro scooter camper
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Elektro Frosch Pro scooter camper
Elektro Frosch Pro scooter camper

At the start of the year, we looked at some of the technologies that will be shaping the camper industry in the coming decade. Electrification was a critical one, but at the time we didn't realize just how quickly it would start spreading its way through motorhomes, motorhome base vehicles and even trailers in Year 1 of the decade. From all-wheel-drive camping trailers that are no longer merely towed to camp, to fully electric off-grid camper vans that power their ride and camping equipment with battery power alone, to plug-in hybrid campers with more practical ranges, 2020 welcomed a surprising number of promising electric camper debuts, innovations and developments.

Here's a look at our top picks the year:

Okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch that isn't directly tied to the RV market, but just imagine how cool it will be to build out a camper inside one of those Hyundai apocalypse-bots before traversing across boulder fields, stepping clean over deadfall and scaling up mountainsides to car camp where no one has ever car camped before. We won't get there next year, but with a number of high-profile electric trucks and vans on the way, 2021 promises to be an even bigger year in electrified camping and RVing.

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