It seems like such a simple concept, something Q might whip up for 007 in the next Bond flick: hook a recumbent electric motorcycle up to a paraglider, drive it off a cliff and see what happens. That's the thinking behind this offering from Serbian designer Zvezdan Nedeljkovic, and while the idea of attaching vehicles to parasails is far from new, there's something about Nedeljkovic's concept design that captures the imagination.

Of course concepts tend to gloss over a host of real-world problems that need to be solved, aerodynamics, safety and durability to name just a few, but good ideas have a way of overcoming such obstacles. A good measure of enthusiasm doesn't hurt, either.

"This design is a mix of my three biggest passions- flying, motorcycling and design! I hope you like it," says Nedeljkovic. Indeed, apart from the fact that it doesn't exist, what's not to like? We'll be watching the road (and sky) in the hope that this one makes it off the drawing board.

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