Sometimes pets need some love and affection, sometimes they need to be fed, sometimes they need some play, and other times they can go wandering and need to be tracked down. Here you'll find gadgets and devices designed to meet all these needs and more.

Latest News

  • KittySpring fountain keeps your cat's water supply full and fresh

    KittySpring is a more sophisticated solution for cat owners with thirsty and clumsy pets, consisting of a gravity-fed fountain that keeps the water supply fresh and uses a stable base to avoid spillage and puddles.
  • Doggy device sets out to be the Swiss Army Knife of leashes

    If you're walking your dog at night, in hot weather or for long distances, you sometimes need more than just a leash. That's where the GoGoLeash comes in, as it combines several functions in one device – or more accurately, in two.
  • Autonomous robot keeps cats entertained while you're away

    Coming home to see your cat still lying in the same spot it was when you left that morning, it’s easy to assume they’re pretty happy with nothing to do. But they do get bored and need exercise. Enter Ebo, a new cat companion robot now on Kickstarter.
  • Dog-riding connected camera lets owners keep tabs on their pets

    ​Yes, you're right. GoPro does already make an actioncam harness-mount for dogs (as does Sony, for that matter). The currently-crowdfunding PetNow system, however, offers a few additional features for people wishing to see the world from their canine's perspective.
  • HoofStep keeps tabs on wandering horses' habits

    ​Horses aren't like dogs. Whereas the one is always around the house, the other spends much of its time off in a pasture. So, how is a horse-owner supposed to keep track of what their animal is doing? Well, a group of Swedish entrepreneurs believe that their HoofStep system is the answer.
  • GomiBall is made to give pets a run for your money

    ​If you're like most dog- or cat-owners, you don't like leaving your critter at home alone all day. As a result, we've seen several robotic pet-entertaining devices recently hit the crowdfunding platforms. While some feature cameras or treat-dispensers, GomiBall keeps things simple.