Sometimes pets need some love and affection, sometimes they need to be fed, sometimes they need some play, and other times they can go wandering and need to be tracked down. Here you'll find gadgets and devices designed to meet all these needs and more.

Latest News

  • Automated dog toilet presents packaged poop

    ​Although it's certainly best if dogs are trained to relieve themselves outdoors, there can be situations – such as if they're left home alone all day – in which they've just gotta go inside. Created by Austin, Texas-based Newton's Box, Inubox is designed to let them do so without any mess.
  • Artificially-intelligent pet bowl is made to prevent food-theft

    ​If you own multiple dogs and/or cats, then you may be familiar with the problem of one animal "stealing" food from another's bowl. Italian artificial intelligence firm Volta has set out to keep that from happening, with its pet-recognizing Mookkie.
  • Smart pet treadmill might get fat cats up and running

    Most dogs are lucky enough to get a regular walk in the great outdoors, but cats miss out. Looking like a giant hamster wheel, the Little Cat is an app-driven machine designed to give our feline friends some much-needed exercise – although whether they’d actually use it remains to be seen.
  • Review: Findster Duo Plus offers fee-free GPS pet-tracking

    ​If your dog has ever taken off on you, then you'll know the frustration of trying to figure out where they've gone. And while there are already pet-tracking devices, they definitely have some shortcomings. The Findster Duo+ system takes a unique approach to getting around those limitations.
  • Ford looks to calm anxious pooches with noise-canceling kennel

    In many towns and cities around the world, the end of one year and the beginning of a new one is marked by the pop, fizz and bang of fireworks. Ford has heard the cries of pooches and come up with a kennel prototype designed to block out external sounds and create a quiet zone for anxious canines.
  • Pupple takes two approaches to dog-entertainment

    We've been seeing quite a few products lately that are designed to entertain dogs who are at home alone – some of them have been stationary devices, while other have been mobile. The currently-crowdfunding Pupple, however, combines both in one system.