We've seen our our fair-share of notable tiny houses, but putting one near an active volcano is definitely a first. Located in Hawaii, the recently-completed Phoenix House sleeps two people and runs off-the-grid with a solar power setup. If the thought of hot lava and ash doesn't scare you off, it's currently available for rent as a vacation home.

Phoenix House is situated on a lava field in Kalapana, on the Island of Hawaii, near to the base of the Mauna Loa volcano. It's worth noting that there are other homes in the general area, so it's not like living there is unheard of. That said the dwelling is quite close to actual red hot flowing lava and recommended local sightseeing spots include a 100 ft (30 m)-high lava waterfall (lavafall?) dramatically crashing into the sea.

The non-towable tiny house was designed by ArtisTree's Will Beilharz following a visit to the Big Island in 2016 and is raised off the ground on small stilts. It's clad in Sho Sugi Ban-treated wood, the Japanese method of preserving wood – fittingly – by charring it, and recycled corrugated iron. The home sports generous glazing to make the most of the amazing view.

Inside, the dwelling has a total floorspace of 450 sq ft (41 sq m) and looks pretty spacious and comfortable. The interior includes a relatively large living room with sofa and a small desk area, with a kitchenette and bathroom lie nearby. The kitchenette is equipped with fridge, propane stove and utensils, while the bathroom includes shower, sink, and toilet (we'd guess it's a composting unit since the house runs off-the-grid).

A wooden ladder provides access to the sole loft bedroom which is a typical low-ceilinged tiny house type and includes a queen-size double bed.

The home comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and electricity is produced by a roof-based solar power setup. Rainwater is also collected and hot water is produced by an on-demand propane water heater.

If you'd like to spend a night or two in the Phoenix House, check out its Airbnb page.

Source: ArtisTree

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