FedEx Express is currently operating the first fuel cell electric delivery van for on-road use in North America. The zero emission van is a collaboration between Workhorse Group and Plug Power and is based on Workhorse's electric delivery van, using Plug Power's hydrogen fuel cell to recharge.

The van is currently in use at FedEx's facility in Menands, New York, on a standard delivery route. The Workhorse EGEN truck is designed for all-electric operation on short routes and known duty cycles. The added fuel cell from Plug Power will increase the EGEN's range by 166 percent to 160 miles (257 km) per cycle.

The fuel cell unit has seen a total of 3,000 on-road miles (4,828 km) in initial testing and is expected to see another 27,000 miles (43,452 km) of on-road drive time over the next six months. FedEx expects to use the van in normal duty cycles, including all types of inclement weather and driving conditions.

Refueling of the EGEN FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle) is undertaken in Latham, New York, at a Plug Power hydrogen fuel station. The station was one of the first hydrogen stations on the East Coast of the United States.

Source: Plug Power

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