We're a little non-plussed on Porsche's announcement of a reconstructed Semper Vivus, which it is claiming was presented at the Paris Show of 1900. There's a video of the construction of the vehicle, but it is at odds with previous Porsche historic information on the Lohner Porsche and the normally fastidious Porsche press department hasn't issued any details of the Semper Vivus.

The Semper Vivus was a series electric hybrid with its two engines charging the batteries and Porsche electric hub motors delivering the power. More details as they come to hand, though an excellent photo gallery in the meantime.

Before we get to the full write-up, there's also an announcement by Porsche that the "Semper Vivus was the first dual-power vehicle in the history of mankind – for starters we're aware of the sail-and-steam-powered armored warship HMS Warrior, circa 1860. Surely there are others?

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