Thousands of images snapped by Apollo era astronauts during their missions have been made available via the Flickr gallery of the Project Apollo Archive (PAA). The images, supplied by NASA, allow viewers to take a journey through the golden age of manned space exploration.

Geopolitical motivations aside, the achievements and the spirit of exploration that accompanied the Apollo era of exploration have resonated as an inspiration for generations to follow.

Complied by Kipp Teague, the high-resolution shots are presented in their raw, unprocessed format, as captured by the Hasselblad cameras carried aboard the Apollo spacecraft. Some processed film images have also been used.

The images document some of the most significant moments in space exploration, including orbital maneuvers during the first manned mission, Apollo 7, and the now legendary scenes of the late great Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin making history on the surface of the Moon. Others document the some of the rarely considered aspects of space travel.

Lunar Module pilot Harrison Schmitt taking care of life's little details during the Apollo 17 mission(Credit: NASA)

The gallery culminates with shots from the final mission of the program, Apollo 17. Sadly, we have yet to return to the lunar surface.

We've included some of our favorite images in the gallery. The full collection can be viewed online via the Project Apollo Archive on Flickr.

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