Protonex Soldier-Worn portable power management systems

Protonex Soldier-Worn portable...
The Protonex SPM power manager
The Protonex SPM power manager
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The Protonex SPM power manager
The Protonex SPM power manager

21st Century warfare demands that the modern soldier remains plugged in, even on the battlefield. Protonex Technology Corporation’s SPM-611 and SPM-612 power managers provide troops with greater and easier access to man-packable equipment such as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver, the Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio, the PRC-119 radio system, Night Vision, BB 2590 batteries, PDAs and solar blankets.

The power managers reduce the amount of batteries soldiers have to carry into the field, and streamline the recharging of electronics. The latest line of SPMs are smaller, lighter, and easier to configure than previous Protonex models, and feature six configurable power ports.

“Our new soldier-worn power managers are a universal, invaluable power solution for soldiers, addressing both on- and off-mission requirements.” stated Greg Cipriano, VP, Marketing and Military Development for Protonex. “These unique systems deliver specific portable power capabilities that are currently unavailable to the soldier and further complement our growing power system portfolio.”

The new SPM series will be demonstrated at the AUSA Winter Symposium at Ft. Lauderdale, from February 25-27.

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