We've seen a number of European camper-in-a-box solutions over the years, including the Swiss Roombox, German Ququq and French Yatoo systems. The Austrian Qubiq system may be the most versatile of them all, finding a middle ground between those all-in-one integrated systems and smaller, single-purpose modules like Buddy Boxes. With Qubiq, campers can mix and match units that cook, wash, refresh and sleep.

The Qubiq system reminds us most of the Ququq, partly because of the similar name but also because of the wide, slide-out construction. The big difference is, while the Ququq comes as a single heavy camper box, the Qubiq consists of three primary modules that integrate together to create that style of camper box.

The multi-piece design makes the Qubiq lighter and easier to carry (each module weighs about 55 lb/25 kg empty versus the 110- to 132-lb/50-60kg listed empty weight for the Ququq). It also gives the user more flexibility in setting up a camper; he or she can use all the modules and arrange/rearrange them in the way best-suited to the trip, or just use one or two modules.

The three primary boxes are the cook, wash and cooler modules. The cook module has three drawers containing the stove, pots and pans, utensils, and other supplies. The wash module has a sink with faucet, a retractable sprayer that can be used as a shower or hose, a water pump, and a 23 L (6 gal) water tank. The cooler module houses a 35 L compressor fridge. There are also other available modules that can be swapped in, including a dog kennel and a storage chest.

Unlike Buddy Boxes, which are single-purpose, standalone modules of different sizes, the like-size Qubiq modules work together to support the three-piece folding mattress on top (bed module) with help from legs on the other end. If you're only carrying one module box, a structural side brace can support the mattress on the other side. Or don't carry any modules and use two side braces, saving the space under the bed for general-purpose storage. The bed platform doubles as a table and can be set up inside or outside the vehicle at camp.

Each module mounts to the full-width accompanying base on the vehicle floor. The base secures easily to the vehicle with its two fasteners, and each module secures to the base inserts with simple click-in hardware.

The Qubiq retail packaging helps you keep things versatile and meet your individual needs. The Q Series Camper package described above is available for owners of select Volkswagen and Mercedes vans. This package includes the three primary modules, bedding module, table and mounting base and is advertised for between €3,480 and €4,439 (approx. US$3,790 and $4,835), depending upon options (e.g. mattress thickness and whether you want it pre-equipped with items like the water tank, pump and sink). The compressor fridge and gas canisters for the stove are not included. You can also purchase several lighter packages or buy the various modules and components individually.

The Q Series went on sale last year and the new GX series joined it this past summer. The GX is compatible with a variety of small vans and high-roof wagons from manufacturers like Citroën, Ford, Fiat and Opel and includes a smaller set of modules and a different style of base. Prices start at €1,730 for the Camper Light set.

Qubiq modules are made from high pressure laminate, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. Shipping costs €109 inside Austria and €199 to Germany. Shipping to other countries is strictly a "contact us for shipping costs" affair.

We think that the Qubiq design really nails the sweet spot between flexibility and comprehensive packaging. You can use the individual modules without lugging the entire campsite around - for instance, if you just want to pack a cooler for a sports game or the cooking module for a picnic - which is what we liked about the Buddy Box design. However, the Qubiq system also allows you to pack the entire camper van-in-a-box for full camping trips, which Buddy Box, without a bedding solution, doesn't quite match.

See Qubiq setup and versatility in action in the quick clip below.

Source: QUBIQ (German)

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