Welcome news, finally, for the Raspberry Pi-watchers out there. Having previously predicted a March launch, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has finally announced that batches of the US$35 Model B versions of the Linux computer (not the $25 as previously stated) are finally being delivered to customers.

The Pis were subject to further delays when, in early March, a factory error caused the credit-sized computers to be fitted with ethernet connectors with non-magnetic jacks.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation reports that serial production of the computers has now begun, and is hoping to catch up with a backlog of orders. The last I heard from the supplier, delivery was predicted for May on an order I placed at around noon UK time on launch day. It'll be interesting to see if this is brought forward.

Update: Thanks to commenters that noted that, as we should have made clear, it is in fact the $35 Model B Pis that are shipping. This article was amended on April 18 accordingly.